Pork Boxes

Below is a selection of our seasonal pork boxes. You can choose from these or mix and match different products to make a box that suits you. Submit your order using the order form or, you can email or call us. We deliver all year round. Delivery is free.

"The most succulent pork I've tasted. Delicious and reasonably priced, too" - Andy, Abergavenny

Quarter pig

1 shoulder joint
6 loin chops
1 chump joint
1 belly joint
1 leg joint
1 hock
3 packets of sausages
3 packets of Smoked back bacon
3 packets of Smoked streaky bacon

£98, fits in 1-2 standard freezer drawers

Half a pig approx. 22kg

2 shoulder joints
8 loin chops
1 tenderloin
1 rack of ribs
1 chump joint
1 belly joint
1 leg joints
4 leg steaks
1 cheek
2 hocks
2 packets of diced pork
2 packets of minced pork
5 packets of sausages
5 packets of smoked back bacon
3 packets of smoked streaky bacon

£167 fits in 2-3 standard freezer drawers

Breakfast Box approx 4kg

5 Packs of Sausages of your choosing
5 Packs of Smoked Bacon Streaky or Back


Taster Box

2 Packs of Sausages
4 Chops
1 Boned and Rolled leg joint 2kg
2 Packs of Smoked bacon


Selection Box
4 Chops
1 Belly Joint
1 Boned and Rolled Shoulder Joint
1 Boned and Rolled Leg joint
2 Packs of diced Pork
Selection of 3 pack of sausages
2 Packs of Smoked Streaky Bacon
2 Packs of Smoked Back Bacon


These boxes are a suggestion for you if you know what you want please let us know.

Getting a large box can require some freezer management,we found it useful to wind down the freezer the week before a delivery, to plan to use a joint on the day of delivery, or sharing a box with a friend or colleague can be really good too.

10% off total for collection customers

Sausages £8/kg

Sausage meat £7/kg

Smoked Back Bacon £12/kg

Smoked Streaky Bacon £12/kg

Cured Gammon £9/kg

Bacon Bits £6/kg

Liver £5/kg

Kidneys £5/kg

Hearts each £1

Rind Free

Bones Free

Whole Hog £3.50/kg

Trotters 50p each

2018 Retail Price List

Pork Shoulder £7/kg

Shoulder Steaks £9/kg

Diced Shoulder £6/kg

Chops £10/kg

Loin Joint £9/kg

Belly Joint £9/kg

Chump Joint £6/kg

Leg Steaks £8/kg

Leg Joint £6.50/kg

Diced Leg £5/kg

Minced Leg £6/kg

Ribs £5/kg

Tenderloins £12/kg

Cheeks £5/kg

Hocks £5/kg