Our Meat

All of our pork comes from our free-range pigs naturally reared in woodland and on pasture, able to forage, root, wallow and express their natural behaviours. Rare breed pigs grow slower and longer, unlike intensively reared animals, giving more intra-muscular fat meaning more flavourful, succulent pork.

We take our pigs to a trusted local abattoir and butchers which only dispatches a small number of pigs each week, keeping the stress to the animal as minimal as possible.  


By letting our pigs roam freely it gives a lovely red colour to the meat that results in more flavour. In 2018 we entered pork chops and pork belly to the great taste awards and we won stars for both which we are really proud of.




Oh my god whats that white stuff on my pork ! Don’t worry its just fat. It’s where all the flavor comes from and will render down when to cook it keeping your pork tasty and moist. You can also just not eat if you are not that way inclined. But if you are that way inclined you are in for a treat we really found that with the rare-breeds the real difference is the level and type of fat compared to commercial breeds that makes such a difference in taste. Because our pigs are outside they make a lot of vitamin d that is stored in their fat along with other vitamins and minerals so you are doing yourself a favour when you eat it !

Although our pigs look like they are black its only their hair which is black so you will sometimes be able to see stubble on the pork all pork has this although in white pigs you rarely can see it and dont worry its cooks out just fine. As a famous butcher once called it ‘designer stubble


Our handmade sausages are made from prime cuts like the shoulder and made using our own blend of fresh herbs and spices.  Our sausages contain only meat, herbs, spices and rusk. They are all stuffed in natural casings which gives you the perfect caramelisation when cooking and mouthwatering bite. We also only single grind our sausage which means they’ve got better texture and you can taste the meat


We dry cure our bacon and hand rub a mix of salt, sugar, juniper and bay into the meat and let it cure for a week and then smoke it over applewood for 24 hours, then hang it for up to 2 weeks to let the flavour mature.