Pig Keeping Courses

Groups of 1-4 people for £200

We provide bespoke courses on outdoor, high welfare pig keeping, with the emphasis on providing practical skills and the confidence to start in pig keeping and farm management. . We can provide day courses for one person, couples, and families. So whether you would like to dip your toe in the water and find out if pig keeping could be for you and your family, or if you are already a pig keeper and want to learn more about the technical side of pig keeping, such as medicines, protein to lysine ratios, or even how to butcher a pig, we will tailor make a day just for you.

Having set up our farm recently, we can advise you on how to efficiently manage your farm and turn it into a profitable business.

Learn from our mistakes- as newcomers to farming we can share lots of tips that will save you money and make your pig keeping experience more enjoyable, and a little less hard work.

If you would like to book a place, please get in touch. Once you you have contacted us we will discuss what skills you would like to learn and make efficient use of your time.

We have 20 sows and always have a bunch of piglets on the ground and everything else in between so there's always plenty to do !

We have a mixture of Large Blacks , Durocs and Mangatams. We have also raised various other breeds so can advise on whats best for you. We raise pigs from farrow to finish and sell to restaurants and direct to consumers so we can advise you on what the customer want

We provide days courses for individuals, couples, and families so that the days experience can be tailored to you. 
Course days include tea, cake and lunch

We also have gift vouchers available and a day's pig keeping course can make an interesting and different gift, whether it's a person who is interested in becoming a farmer, a foodie, or a pig enthusiast.

Our Pig Keeping courses can include:        

• How to buy new stock – what to look for and how to say ‘no’

• What breed is best for you

• How to feed pigs and house your pigs

• How to manage your land and stop it becoming a quagmire

• How to successfully breed your pigs and how to farrow

 • How to use electric fencing effectively

• How to move and load pigs the easy way !

• Processing you pig for pork, bacon and sausages

• Exploring new routes to market

• Best nutritional practices

• When to call the vet

• What to expect from your abattoir and butcher

• Reversing a trailer

• How to tag and inject

• Costing

 • Sales and Marketing

• Legal requirements and administration of keeping pigs

• Legal requirements of selling pork

Email us at ForestCoalpitFarm@gmail.com or phone 01873 890 136 to arrange a day


Butchery and Processing

We have our own cutting room where we butcher our pork. We make sausages and home-smoke our own bacon too. We can teach you how to process a pig from a whole carcass down to pork chops and joints. We can have a go making sausages too, and advise on how to smoke bacon.